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I AM ENHEDUANNA: An exhibition about the woman who literally wrote her way into history books.


Enheduanna photo image by Qamber Designs

The purpose of this exhibit is to tell the story of Enheduanna, an ancient woman who made an important mark on early civilization as an author, hymnist, priestess, and princess. And to:


- Look at the role she played in recording history

- Understand her culture's relationship to the Divine

- Honor her place as a pioneer of sacred writings.


This exhibit also aims to shine a light on the importance of ancient writings, especially cuneiform, in having an accurate sense of religious history. Her role in ancient times was religious, artistic, and political.


Although she lived thousands of years ago, her words and ancient wisdom have lived on. We hope that this website honors her place in spiritual and world history.


How to view this exhibit:


You will find links to the pages of this exhibit on the right side of the website. Each page is titled and numbered to help you follow the order of this presentation. Start with the "Welcome" page and work your way down. You can also click through to key pages in this exhibit by clicking on the four images above.